All Your Questions Answered

The Shoot

How did you get into this?

Sometime in the spring 2010, I sat down for lunch with a girlfriend who had just wrapped up a photo shoot. She told me how unprofessional the guy she worked with was (I will spare you the racy details!) and that the photos left much to be desired, quality-wise. Working in fashion at the time, I couldn’t believe this was the norm in this industry. I started shooting with her exclusively at first – she referred me to her friends and slowly, day by day my work and quality became more known.

What is shooting with you like?

I do my best to put you at ease during your shoot as I understand how self-conscious and awkward we can all feel in front of the camera. The ladies in my portfolio are not professional models. Everyone requires a certain amount of guidance during their shoot and I will help you through it, don’t worry! No matter how much or how little experience you have, rest assured that you will walk away from your shoot with pictures worthy of a magazine page.

What does a shoot include?

My time and retouched images only.

Since many of you do not require a makeup artist, I do not work with one on a regular basis. You can either book your own or visit any reputable makeup counter/salon in your city.

For tattoo removal, raw images etc. please scroll down for ‘extras’.

Can I bring a friend/boyfriend/pet to the shoot?

While I will be happy to meet them, I ask that we are working alone during our booking so I can give you my undivided attention and deliver the images you expect from me. I strive to create a comfortable and relaxed environment during the shoot and welcome anything that would make you feel at home (your favourite music, light snacks, cocktails). If you are expecting to have friends/guests/make up artists/business associates etc on site at the time of my arrival, please arrange for them to be away while we are shooting – I prefer a closed set for optimal results

How long does a shoot last?

My standard  photo package is a 2hr photoshoot (4-5 outfits ). I also offer photo/video packages (please email me for quotes). Should you find you need a little extra shooting time, an additional shoot hour may be purchased (a $350 fee applies, 1 hour max). Additional retouched images can always be purchased after the shoot as well.

*If you show your face, I usually recommend booking the extra hour as it often takes a little longer to capture an ideal facial expression.

I also offer day-long shoot packages and FMTY packages across the US. Please email me for more details.

Do you provide a location for the shoot?

No – booking the location is up to you.

I am also happy to shoot outdoors, weather permitting.

If the location you chose be far out of the downtown core, please be prepared to cover travel time and transportation expenses.When booking your location – if you notice that it is out of the city core – please let me know so I can estimate travel time and budget for your location.

Can I arrive late?

I have a zero tolerance policy on late arrivals – they make the shoot stressful and less productive. All delays on your part will be subtracted from your shoot package. Should my schedule permit and I have no shoots booked after yours, you can purchase additional time ($350/hour, with a 1 hour minimum/maximum, 1 extra retouched image is included)

*please note that this additional hour option (and rate) is only applicable 2 hour shoot packages that run longer than expected.For half day and full day rates, please email me.

Who is in the room during the shoot?

Just myself and you.


Why are your rates not listed on your site?

Due to many touring locations and individual packages, rates vary. A list of rates and packages is always provided in my monthly tour emails . To inquire about a rate in your city, please email me.

How far in advance do I need to book?

I recommend that you contact me 3-5 weeks prior to the desired shoot date as to ensure that I can accommodate your scheduling request.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. A shoot is considered confirmed only once the deposit has been received. Your deposit guarantees the date and time indicated on your official confirmation. If you choose to reschedule your shoot for any reason, another deposit required. Cancellation policy applies to covid, sudden deaths, beauty/feminine issues or any other reasons. If you decide to downgrade your package, a $150 fee applies.

*Important* If you cancel within less than 24hrs (48hrs if on tour), or show up so late that I cannot reasonably keep the appointment I request 100% of the appointment fee.

How can I pay you?

When you are ready to book, please email me and I will let you know my process for sending me the deposit. Deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE OR TRANSFERABLE to other dates or cities, other than the one you made the booking for.

I can accept CashApp, bitcoin or, occasionally paypal for deposits and cash for the balance on the day of the shoot.

IF you are not paying cash on the day of the shoot, please advise me beforehand. I can take the payment digitally with a +$150 administrative fee and 3% transaction fee.

What do I need to prepare for the shoot?

Prior to the shoot, you can send me ‘inspiration’ images to look at as I always like to see what kind of look you are going for. Although your face may be obscured, I still recommend that you apply some makeup for your shoot, just to get you in the mood for it (does not need to be professional). It is very important to pay special attention to your hair and nails (both pedicure and manicure). Bring a good selection of outfits (lingerie, shoes, dresses and accessories – please limit your selection to your favourite looks). I have years of experience in styling and will be able to assist you in coordinating your looks at the shoot, should you need help. In selecting garments, keep in mind the kind of image you would like to project to your admirers. Remember that if you want to stand out, it’s up to you to make that difference with what you bring to the session – both outfit and effort-wise.

Arrive fully prepared as any additional preparations done ‘on set’ will only take time away from your booking.

Please do not spray tan immediately before the shoot – if you choose to do so, do it at least 4-5 days before so that it has time to set. The reason for this is that fresh (1-3 days) spray tan will come up as an intense orange/green on camera and will not match your face, hands or feet. The difference will not be noticeable in person but I will see it editing. This takes a significant amount of time to color correct and I will charge an additional hourly fee to do it. If you like the tanned look, I can always make that adjustment in color correction, without excessive spray tanning. If you do want to spray tan, do it slightly in advance so it can set.

**I no longer take on projects requiring large tattoo removal (full or partial sleeves or pieces bigger than 4 inches). Contact me to inquire if I am able to accommodate your removal request.

What outfits should I bring?

I suggest a selection of lingerie, shoes and jewellery. A daytime/casual outfit or a cocktail dress are always a good idea as well. It’s hard for me to make suggestions without having seen your wardrobe and you in person – but I will happily help you put things together at the shoot. There is no photoshop in video – so keep that in mind when picking out your looks – it’s best to avoid anything too tight or too loose.

Can I call you to discuss my ideas?

I am unable to accommodate phone call discussions due to a busy shoot/travel schedule. I am more than happy to answer your questions via email and review any inspiration images or ideas you may have.

Just the tip?

Always appreciated, but never expected.

Your Images

Who will see my images?

Your images are kept private and shared with only you via a private sharing system (dropbox). All gallery images are low rez and with a large protective watermark. Your final images are high rez with my small watermark in the corner.

Can I get all the high-rez images from my shoot?

Yes. High-rez images from the shoot (un-retouched, without gallery watermark) can be purchased for $400, shared via Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Why do you put a watermark on your images?

Gallery images are watermarked for the benefit of those who opt to purchase the full roll of high rez images from the shoot.

I sign my work with a small logo at the corner of every image I retouch as a guarantee of my image quality. When I first started out, I dealt with several instances of image theft – either from other girls stealing my clients’ photos or other photographers using my work in their portfolios. Over the years, the Black Lotus logo has become my seal of top tier quality.

Who will select the final images?

The final choice is always up to you. I am happy to help you narrow down your selections if you like but you  have the final say.

If need be, I can provide you with a narrowed down selection from your shoot in addition to you full gallery – I charge $70 for an hour of my time to do this.

When do I get my photos?

Unless I am traveling (on tour), the gallery is available to you the day after your shoot. My turn around on images is 14 days. If you need your images sooner, please advise me as soon as possible – a rush fee of $40/pic will be applied.

To complete your retouches in a timely manner, I ask that a concise and final list of file names is sent to me within a few days after your shoot. I always allow for retouching time immediately following your shoot.  If you choose to send your selections to me at a later date, please be prepared for a longer turn-around time as recent orders will be given priority.

Orders that are incomplete or that require my input (i.e. if you would like me to review your gallery and offer insight on your selection) will be started only once they are finalized and I have a final confirmation from you. A $70 gallery review fee applies to orders that require my input.

My computer crashed/I can’t find my images/ I forgot to download them and now they are offline. Can I get them back?

Yes! I am here for you in case of any of the above-mentioned disaster scenarios. I keep my hard-drives at a secure location and will ask for a $70 fee for my time to retrieve them and to re-upload everything you need.


What does retouching include?

While every effort is made in lighting, poses and styling during the shoot, each photo needs some level of retouching to look perfect.  I am very thorough but never heavy-handed.


  • If you have anything larger than a single small tattoo, additional fees apply for tattoo removal ($5- $20 per tattoo, for larger pieces $70/hr)
  • hair colour correction (root touchup), nail polish/manicure correction, excessive spray tan colour-correction (orange skin) or any other correction that should have been tended to in pre-shoot prep – $70/hr (1hr minimum). I strongly suggest polishing your look before the shoot
  • I can also watermark your images with your name/logo, add $5 per pic or $30 batch
  • unedited raw images from your shoot $400 (or $20 each)
  • additional retouched images from your shoot $70 each
  • rush fee +$40 per photo

Why do you have so many ‘extras’?

I believe that everyone should only pay for what they need. I have tailored my shoots to meet what I have found to be general industry requirements and added the extra options for maximum flexibility in my packages so that you are not paying for something you may not necessarily need (ie. tattoo removal if you don’t have tattoos or watermarked images if you do not need them, etc).

**I no longer take on projects requiring large tattoo removal (full or partial sleeves or pieces bigger than 4 inches). Contact me to inquire if I am able to accommodate your removal request.

How can I make sure I get my photos on time?

Unless otherwise specified, I will leave time in the few days following your shoot to work on your photos. To make sure they are done in a timely manner, please send me a concise list with file names within a day or 2 of receiving your gallery. My turnaround time on a standard order is 14 days. Larger orders will take longer.

If you choose to send them to me a few weeks or months after, be prepared to a wait longer as priority will be given to more recent shoots. I will honour retouch orders up to a maximum of 12 months following the date of your shoot.

Can you remove the lines on my knuckles? What about the the wrinkle on my third toe? Can you take out my rib?Can you add a palm tree in the background?

My retouching is aimed to make your photos will look like you in the best light on the best day in the best angle possible. If you are looking for someone to change your anatomy or address issues beyond a comprehensible level of editing, I may not be right for you.

What if I am not satisfied with my retouched image?

I have over 15 years experience in professional photography and can assure you that my finished images are of the highest quality. I am happy to perform additional touch-ups on any one of your pictures within reason – however multiple re-edits will be charged at $70/hour, with a 1 hour minimum. Changes on any more than 2 photographs are considered multiple.

How do you protect your images and how do I make sure you protect mine?

I add a metadata encryption as well as a faint watermark (lower corner of image) to make sure that your image and the investment you made towards the shoot is protected. All Black Lotus images include this, without exception.

There are multiple scenarios of how images get stolen and why. As a photographer, I am the primary copyright and intellectual property right owner of all the images I shoot. You, the client, have copyright to use the images. Needless to say, whoever steals them does not have any copyright to the images whatsoever.The simplest way for me to prove ownership and stand up for you if your images are stolen, is through my watermark. Without my logo on your photos, it is going to be longer and harder for me to prove copyright to those images when filing a take down notice and in these types of situations, a swift resolution is best. I’ve dealt with this enough times that this is a strict policy and for this reason, all my images carry my logo.


What do I need to know before booking a video shoot with you?

My video style is much like my photography style.You’ll notice I stay away from complicated scenarios and focus on visuals – sort of like a perfume ad, with a loose script. If you are looking for a clip that’s super sexy, unforgettably seductive and straightforward, my style is for you. I can help you come with a few ideas on the spot and am happy to work with your ideas as well!

How do I prepare for a video shoot?

There is no photoshop in video – be sure to cut tags out your lingerie, clean the soles of your shoes and pay attention to all grooming/makeup details – if you have any tattoos you want covered, consider clothing or makeup to conceal them.

How do I get my video?

Once the video is edited and complete, I send you the finished version to keep. You can upload it to any hosting site of your choice and use it as you see fit.

You said my video is going to be up to 1.5mins but it’s only 1.2 mins – why?

Every shoot is different and every model has a different camera presence. While I will always film a consistent length of footage, some of it may not be used in editing. I strive for quality over quantity and prefer to not dilute strong footage with lengthy, repetitive shots for the sake of beating the clock.

What if I want changes  done to my video?

A first draft and one round of revisions is included in the video rate. Any revisions after that are billed at $70/hr. As with photos, I try my best to bring your vision to life and will happily take your requests into account when editing your video footage. Micro-managing your shoot or video edits will only rob you of the experience of a working with a professional.

If any of your questions have been left unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact me.